December 13, 2017

Hi everyone, thank you for watching my video. I'm so excited to share my holiday vlogs from this summer. This summer I was fortunate enough to travel to a few of my favourite places. I have always wanted to travel the world and this was just the beginning of many more trips to come innshaAllah. I met up with my cousin from London and we went to Paris, Marrakech and Madrid. This video marks the beginning of all my holiday vlogs! I hope you enjoy my vlogs I will really appreciate if you "Like" my video and subscribe to my channel so you won't miss all my upcoming videos. Thank you!

November 23, 2017

I'm so excited to get back on track with blogging and vlogging! Honestly I used to think I'm the queen of multitasking, I mean I still think I can multi-task pretty well, but final year of University is no joke. Alhumdilliah, I'm almost done! I'm looking forward to editing my holiday videos and making more blog posts. I just can't wait to get back on the blog. I actually missed doing this so much.

Watch out for new content on my Youtube channel and my blog.


August 3, 2017

January 15, 2017

January 6, 2017

I know I'm a little late in uploading this, but I wanted the holiday to finish so I can make one whole holiday video, but that ended up being a very long video. So I just made a few smaller videos. I spent my holiday mainly with my family. I really enjoy spending quality time with family. Winter holiday is the only time everyone in my family has off on the same time. I didn't get to vlog a lot. We just spent the whole night playing games and sleeping in during the day.

December 29, 2016

Every year around Christmas holiday, I place a huge Sephora order because they usually have some great deals and discounts. Most importantly they have a great selection of samples and a wider range of products to redeem your Sephora points. I normally don't like going in to Sephora to shop because its always so busy and chaotic. It just overwhelms me so I prefer to just order online. The only down side is when I want to purchase new products that I don't know my shade in.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation was a product that I had no idea which shade I would be in. I just randomly picked a shade in the hopes that it will suite my skin.

What this product claims:
"A multitasking, light-to-full-coverage cream stick foundation with a natural-looking, demi-matte finish"
"This highly pigmented, buildable cream stick foundation creates a flawless, natural looking demi-matte finish. The Stick Foundation is ideal for combination and oily skin, and the lightweight, easy-to-layer foundation delivers light-to-full-coverage, depending on the method of application. It’s designed to quickly and precisely apply all-over coverage, daily touch ups, or highlight and contour with ease. " - via Sephora 

My favourite thing about this foundation is the packaging because it's so sleek and easy to carry around without worrying about braking or spilling. It's in there signature black packaging with gold. It's also pretty small for a foundation so it will fit just right in any purses.

I found the above picture online which was really helpful. I knew I would be somewhere in the medium tan group. I randomly just picked 'Caramel' and luckily it turned out to be the perfect shade for me. It's almost too perfect because it is exactly my skin colour. Can we also take a moment for the wide range of shades they have. This foundation comes in 24 shades. No matter what colour skin you have, I'm sure you'll find a shade that suites you.

The coverage of this product is great. You can go from very little to full coverage depending on what you need. I normally go for a medium to full coverage but since this was a new product I was trying to use minimal product to see how it looks with just little coverage. The above picture is how it looks with little coverage. As you can see, some of my scars are still visible. This is definitely buildable so whether you want a full face glam or just a simple 'no makeup' makeup, you'll be able to achieve it with this product. However, you'll have to put a lot of product to get full coverage because when you blend the product it really blends into your skin very lightly. So if you need full coverage then you'll need to apply a lot of product. The good thing is that even if you layer it to get full coverage, you would assume a cakey look, but it actually just melts into you're skin with out looking cakey.

It is a cream based product. It's soft and glides on the skin easily. This product on my skin was not at all matte in any way. When I applied it, even with a setting powder, it gave me a dewy finish. I have combination to dry skin and even though I prefer matte foundations, I quite liked this dewy look. After wearing it for a few hours, my face was really oily. So if you plan on getting this, I'd recommend you keep blotting papers with you at all times. 

I wouldn't say this has a very good longevity because I did notice it started to get oily shortly after I applied it.

This is a good product but I wouldn't say it is the best. I love the packaging, the colour range and lightweiget finish. It does stay true to most of the things it claims and I love the fact that it's build-able. The downside of this product is it's longevity, as I noticed my face got oily fairly quickly and the need to put a lot of product to get full coverage. Other than that, it is a good product. I personally am not a fan of a dewy look and I like full coverage without the need to apply so much product. Those are two big things that I look for when I'm purchasing a foundation. Because this foundation does not meet these two criteria, I have to rate it as a "good" foundation and not the "best". If you like a dewy finish and light coverage, this would be a great product for you. I will use this product until it's finish but I'm not too sure if I would repurchase it.

Price: C$33.00 + Tax

Rate: 7.5/10